White Vaginal Discharge

Published: 21st January 2010
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Fenugreek seeds are another popular natural remedy for white vaginal discharge and for this; one can make a tea from fenugreek seeds. For this, simply put 2 tsp seeds in one liter water. Bring to a boil and let it simmer on low fire for about half an hour. Leucorrhea natural treatment also includes preparing a decoction out of the fresh walnut tree leaves. Like fenugreek tea remedy, this can also be used as a vaginal douche for leucorrhea. The astringent chemicals present in the leaves have been reported to as curing various menstrual related problems and also to stop white vaginal discharge. I learned that natural yogurt is excellent to keep bacterial infections such as yeast infections, athlete's foot and other bacterial type infections from occurring because of its natural ingredients.

One of the treatments that experts talk about is something called enteric-coated garlic. The reason why this is seen as so effective is simply because it can be used with the volatile oils and can help with your case of Candida. Bloody vaginal discharge or pink vaginal discharge: This comes from the bacterial infection in the urethra. A lot of time it comes with lower abdominal pain and need to urinate often. The cause of bacterial infection is mainly holding the urination for too long, not urinate while you feel you need to, and the germs grow in the urethra. Again, the symptom needs to be cured by prescription medicine.

Vaginal discharge is normal, especially if you are of childbearing age. Glands in the cervix produce a clear mucus. These secretions may turn white or yellow when exposed to the air. These are normal variations. The amount of mucus produced by the cervical glands varies throughout the menstrual cycle. When acted upon by bacteria, the vagina emits an atypical smell as a result of pH imbalance. This happens because the subsistent bacteria cause abnormal aliphatic acid regulation to take place, consequently bringing about a huge amount of protein concentration to the secreted vaginal fluid.

Depending on the individual, the colors in the vaginal discharge will be different and so are the causes. When a woman experiences yellow or white vaginal discharge, it is due to a buildup of unhealthy bacteria in the body, a sort of biological wake up call. Symptoms that show signs of in-normality are a fishy smell, a white curd like texture (thickness), itchiness or pain. Abdominal pain or discomfort when having sexual intercourse is not normal so make an appointment with your doctor for an examination so they can determine what is causing your discomfort. One of the things you might consider to help you get rid of your vaginal discharge is to change your diet. Changing your diet to reflect the fact that you suffer from a yeast infection can help you getting rid of it. The unanimously agreed vaginal discharge is the "red shower" that every fertile or infertile woman experiences. One must not worry about this except if you are pregnant and you are bleeding or probably you bleed after intercourse. In extreme of this kind of vaginal discharge, one must seek help from her medical therapist.

Also yeast that normally live in the vagina can overgrow, causing a cheesy white discharge with redness and itching that is often severe. Symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection are more likely to occur during the week before a menstrual period.

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